Following the submission and validation of the application, the project team have produced the images of the proposals below. 

Should you have any questions about the submitted proposals, please do fill out our survey on this page - click here. 


Image above: A view of the former Gala/Regal building (currently being developed, left), with the office building and creative mews proposed in the Canbury Business Park proposals (right). View from Canbury Park Road. 


Image above: A view from further along Canbury Park Road showing part of the residential development proposed for Canbury Business Park. 


Image above: A view from Richmond Road, down Cowleaze Road, showing the proposals (right) and the entrance to the creative mews from Cowleaze Road. 





Image above: An aerial view of the proposals.


Image above: A view of the residential aspect of the proposals.


Image above: A view down the proposed creative mews.